Tidying up the KonMari Way: A Journey to Sparking Joy

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Have you ever cleaned out your closet or tidied up your house only to find a few weeks later it’s back to being a mess again? Me too! And as much as I love to clean (yes, I said love), I really hate how quickly my house gets messy again, no matter what I do.

I’ll let you in on a little secret though; there IS a way to get your house decluttered for GOOD. Intrigued? It all starts with this little book:

bookMarie Kondo wrote this book all about her efforts growing up to tidy and declutter her house. She talks through her struggles figuring out how to keep her room neat, without it getting messy again a short time later. She finally came up with the KonMari method, and this book was born!

Seven amazing bloggers and myself have joined together  in “a journey to sparking joy,” where we will share our triumphs and struggles as we use this book s a guide to declutter our own homes and spark joy in our lives. Each Sunday we will share a part of the book and our progress, showing how we are succeeding and probably failing in some areas. I’m SO ready to get decluttering and getting my house in order for good!

If you haven’t read this book, you’ll definitely want to pick up a copy (I got this copy through Amazon – affiliate link) and you can follow along with us as we change our lives. You’ll be so glad you did!

Marie Kondo’s philosophy is to get rid of everything that doesn’t spark joy in your life. Sounds crazy, right? Basically, by touching each and every object, you will know if it brings you joy. If not, you are to donate or throw it away. She suggests going through specific categories rather than going room by room. For example, instead of starting in your closet and cleaning everything out and then going to the next room, she says to go through ALL of your clothing. Grab every single piece of clothing you own and throw it on your bed, gathering clothes from other rooms or closets that you may have. Though it sounds like a lot of work, in the long run, it will be so helpful. You’ll only own things that truly bring you joy!

My vision in this whole process is to have a clean, organized, joyful home where we aren’t surrounded by things that we don’t need or absolutely love. It’s easy to collect stuff, but soon enough, it overtakes your home and you’re left with things that you realize you don’t even enjoy. I want our home to be filled with happiness, and I think that starts with our environment!

To start our journey, next week will be our first week tidying up the KonMari way. We will start with clothing as Marie Kondo suggests, and share how it went as we sought only those clothes that brought us joy. I gotta say, I’m so incredibly excited to get all my clothes out and just go for it! Like, I’ve been having dreams about it at night. That’s not weird, right? 😉

Here’s our closet as it is right now:

closet-beforeIt’s not terribly unorganized, but it isn’t pretty, either. We just have a lot of stuff. And, I have a lot of jewelry! I can’t wait to go through my accessories and declutter those, too.

We would love it if you joined us for this journey! If you do, use the hashtag #sparkingjoy on social media, and tag us so we can all hold each other accountable and support one another!

Don’t forget to stop by my bloggy friend’s pages below too, and see how they are preparing for this decluttering journey. And, be sure to come back next Sunday to see how we all tackle our clothes! 🙂

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I hope you have a fun and safe holiday weekend, friends!

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16 thoughts on “Tidying up the KonMari Way: A Journey to Sparking Joy

    1. Thank you, Carrie! I totally hear ya, I think I get my house in order and then before I know it it’s a mess and disorganized again! I’m reeeeally hoping this book can help!! 🙂

  1. Am excited to follow along! Love how it’s motivating me already! I need to get that book! Have a wonderful week, friend! xo

    1. Aw thanks friend! It’s definitely motivating, and so is seeing piles upon piles of clothes on the bed. Yikes! You totally should get this book, it’s really great!

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