A Simply Rustic Holiday Card Holder

Oooohhh, am I excited about this little project today! We’ve had some Christmas cards come rolling in and, as usual, they started getting put right up on the fridge. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that; however, I’m just weird about having a lot of stuff on my fridge. In my search to help my crazy self not freak out about the fridge being taken over, I put together a roundup of Unique Christmas Card Holders a couple of weeks ago which you can see HERE. While I didn’t exactly make one of the holders from the roundup, mine is most definitely inspired by Tara from Anything and Everything’s creative Rustic Log Holiday Card Display. Hers is SO cute and easy, which I’m all about.

SONY DSCIf you’ve been following along with any of my posts the last couple months, I’ve mentioned that I have a large branch and stick pile outside from my neighbor’s tree. He so graciously cut his fallen tree for me into all kinds of different sized branches, per my request. He looked at my slightly funny when I asked him for them all, but I assured him I’d find plenty of good uses for them. And, I have! Today’s project is nothing short of a good (and cute!) use!

To make your own rustic Holiday card holder, you only need two things. Well three, if you actually want to hang the cards up!

  • 4 branches; 2 sets that are the same size.
  • Twine
  • Clothespins

I made this whole thing and had it on the wall in about 15 or 20 minutes. And the best part was; no messy glue was used AT ALL! Yay!

SONY DSCTo start, make sure you have 2 sets of branches that are around the same sizes (such as the picture shows). Or, you can have them all the same size if you want to make a square. I have two that are a little longer than the other two. (Please excuse the ugly linoleum floor; it was way too cold in the garage, and it was snowing outside. So, it ended up being an indoor project!)

SONY DSCArrange them on the floor how you’d like them to be, overlapping the corners a little to have some of the wood sticking out.

Tying twine collageUsing twine, start wrapping in one direction around where the two branches meet. Leave a little extra twine when you start and hold it, so you can tie it off when you’re all done. After going one direction around both branches a few times with twine, switch and make a criss-cross design, now going the opposite direction. Make sure you pull tight to keep the branches snuggly together. I did this a few times, switching directions back and forth. Once you have it wrapped a few times from both directions and the branches feel pretty well tied together, tie it off with a double knot in the back and trim the remaining twine.

Repeat this step for all 4 corners, making sure your wood is staying straight and not crooked!

From the top horizontal branch, I knotted twine to both ends right outside the corners so I could hang it on the wall.

SONY DSCUsing more twine (or any pretty and colorful ribbon!), tie a knot around the top horizontal branch, and let the twine hang down to the lower branch. I only tied 3 pieces of twine, but you could add more.

SONY DSCHang your Holiday card holder on a nail, and that’s it! I just used my pretty gold washi tape clothespins to hang our Christmas cards up! It also needed a little something extra, so I added a few fresh cut greenery branches. They smell OH, so good.

SONY DSCAnd yes, 3 out of those 4 pictures are of us. And, I realize they aren’t all Christmas Cards per say. I didn’t think my friends would appreciate their personal Christmas cards being photographed (and I forgot to ask them!) Besides, all my family were slackers a “bit” behind like us, and hadn’t gotten their Christmas cards out either, so I couldn’t use theirs.

SONY DSCI really love the greenery tucked in the twine, it’s so pretty and simple!

SONY DSCAnd since I didn’t have all of your addresses, here’s our “virtual” Christmas card for you instead! 😉

I think I might even leave this up after Christmas, take off the greenery, and use it for just cute pictures of Jade! I’m not the only mom who has a “baby shrine,” right?!

I hope you all are having a fabulous week so far!

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23 thoughts on “A Simply Rustic Holiday Card Holder

    1. Haha! I know, right?! I think I’ve done enough wood projects for awhile. Or…have I? 😉 Thanks friend, hope you have a great week and a very Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you, Jenna!! I’ve been really loving rustic things lately too, and this was just perfect for our cards! Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!! 🙂

  1. Amanda, this card holder is absolutely beautiful! Love the rustic look. Your project has been selected to be featured tomorrow at Your Designs This Time and pinned to our group board. Thanks for sharing with us!

    Emily & Erin @ Elizabeth Joan Designs
    Emily recently posted…Your Designs This TimeMy Profile

    1. Aw, thank you SO much sweet friend! I’m all about the rustic these days. 🙂 Can’t wait to stop by your party tomorrow! Hope you have a fabulous week!

    1. Thanks Leia! This was the first year in a long time my fridge was ACTUALLY free of cards! Yay! Thanks so much for visiting, happy Wednesday!

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