Last-Minute Costume: Flo From Progressive

A great last-minute costume idea: dress like Flo from Progressive! So easy, and I share all the printouts needed!Hello, friends! I am SO happy it’s the weekend. It’s been so busy around here, trying to get Jade’s 1st birthday party planned and making decorations. So much to do still! Do you have any fun weekend plans?

(*SO sorry in advance for the terrible pictures, these were taken a few years ago and obviously before I knew I’d be sharing them on a blog!*)

A few years ago, David and I were invited to our friend’s Halloween party, and had to dress up. Neither of us like dressing up, but David really doesn’t like dressing up. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to be. Finally, after weeks of searching (yes, weeks), and only a couple days weeks before Halloween I decided on being Flo from Progressive. Not only was it an easy costume, but it was SO cute! We had to run to the store before going to the party, and the checker literally thought I was the real Flo. Obviously she was blind, but still, the costume was THAT good! It’s the perfect last minute costume because you only need a few things.

A great last-minute costume idea: dress like Flo from Progressive! So easy, and I share all the printouts needed!Here are some things you’ll need:

  • A long white/canvas apron
  • Iron-on transfer paper for the logo
  • Round plastic button
  • Old square pin
  • Blue ribbon (or blue headband)
  • Printouts from Progressive HERE

I got all my items above from Michael’s. Did you know that you can buy discounted gift cards to Michael’s or anywhere from a company called Raise? Basically, you’re saving money!! You can even sell your unwanted and unused gift cards for cash. So, you can purchase all the items needed for the Flo costume on a discounted gift card. Sweet! Click here to see a few gift cards that you can buy, use, and save money with right now!

A great last-minute costume idea: dress like Flo from Progressive! So easy, and I share all the printouts needed!To look just like Flo, you first need to print out a few things from the progressive website using the link above. On the page, you have the option of just buying the costume, but as a self-proclaimed DIYer, I just couldn’t do it. Scroll to the bottom and print off the button and name tag on cardstock (you can also print off the auto box, although I didn’t use it for my costume). For the Progressive logo, you’ll want to print that off on the iron-on transfer paper.

Once the logo is printed, cut it to fit on the top of the apron. Follow the directions on the pack of transfer, but basically you just iron it on.

A great last-minute costume idea: dress like Flo from Progressive! So easy, and I share all the printouts needed!

Cut down the button print-out to fit in the round plastic button. I used these ones from Michael’s:


For the pin, I cut down the name to fit on one of David’s work pins, but you can use any pin. You can just tape the name on if you plan on using it again!

If you have a navy blue headband, that works perfect. I just used some blue ribbon I had and tied it underneath my hair. I flipped my hair out on the bottoms and teased it a bit at the crown to give it the “perky” Flo hair. I drew my eyeliner on thick to look like “cat eyes,” and wore bright red lipstick. For more “Flo” makeup and hair help and tips, click here to watch a Youtube tutorial!

For clothing, you need a white polo shirt and white pants. Flo also wears blue Chuck Taylor All Stars, but I had none of that. So, gray shoes it was. All in all, I’d say it turned out quite well, and was a total hit at the party!

flo 3

Do you have your Halloween costume already? What are you going to dress up as this year?

Have a GREAT weekend!!

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    1. Thank you, Lauren!! Haha, yes! That commercial is awesome!! Maybe my hubby needs to dress up as that too…hmm.. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by, hope the rest of your week goes great!

    1. Thank you, Adrian! Haha, that’s so funny! I totally didn’t think I did, but apparently I do! At least she’s funny, right? 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Ha, no worries, it took me FOREVER to even decide upon this, too! I’m so not a costume person! But, I thought this was easy (and funny!) enough. 🙂 Hope you have a great day!

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