DIY Coastal Sisal Rope Lamp

I hate it when things unexpectedly break. This last weekend, both of our bedside lamps broke. They just stopped working. We tried different bulbs, plugging the lamp into different outlets, etc. It’s slightly strange and coincidental that both of them bit the dust at the same time; but whatever. We hate our overhead light in our room because it’s just too much direct light (I’m ready to DIY a new overhead light, too…), and we really like having the soft light from lamps. New pretty lamps like the ones we had from Pottery Barn are just not in our budget. Lucky for David, I put my crafty brain on and made my own cute inexpensive sisal rope lamp!

SONY DSCOur bedroom is a coastal/nautical theme, so I wanted to try and create lamps that would better fit the theme than our previous silver metal lamps. I started by heading to the place where they have a plethora of cheap old lamps just waiting to be bought; the Goodwill. I found two plain lamp bases that looked almost identical. While they weren’t very exciting, I knew I could somehow transform them!

SONY DSCI brought them home, and painted the pink one navy blue to match the other. I then painted over both of them with some leftover Americana Chalky Finish paint in Everlasting. I wanted to have the blue show through when I distressed the bottom part of the lamp.

SONY DSCOnce dry, I sanded the bottom just a tad for a more worn look. I had a bunch of leftover sisal rope from our whitewashed coastal pallet mirror and I wanted to incorporate it somehow on the lamps. They desperately needed some texture!

SONY DSCUsing a hot glue gun, I just started at the bottom and wrapped the rope around the lamp base.

TIP: If you start gluing your rope at the back just above the lamp cord, you won’t see the “seam” from the front!

SONY DSCEvery few wrap-arounds I would add some hot glue to make sure it all stayed in place. When I got to the top, I used a big dab of glue.

SONY DSCTIP: Cut the end of the rope at a long and sharp angle; it will be a lot easier to glue down and “hide” the end when the rope is thinner!

And our lamp base is done! I really wanted to use the lamp shades from our original lamps, but they were specially made to fit the lamp they came on. So, I went out and found some really inexpensive new white shades that would fit.

SONY DSCThey were too plain and definitely needed little color. I didn’t want too much color though, so I thought some simple grain sack stripes in the middle would be just perfect.

Ok, so just to tell you right off the bat; these stripes did not work very well. These shades were smaller on top than on the bottom, making it really difficult to get the tape on straight. And, because I had to curve the tape, a lot of the paint leaked through. Arrgh! But, from far away, they don’t look half bad. 😉

I forgot to take pictures of the lampshade process, but it’s not difficult. I measured where the middle of the shade was and decided how wide I wanted my stripe to be. I taped on either side of my measurements leaving the middle spot for paint. I used the same navy that I did on the lamp base. Once dry, I measured where I wanted my two small lines to go, and taped accordingly.

SONY DSCI pulled the tape off and growled at the site of the blue paint that leaked out, but decided to get over it since there was nothing I could do.  That is no easy task for this crazy perfectionist!

I really love how they turned out, and they look so perfect on our nightstands next to our navy bed set and turquoise walls!

SONY DSCI love how these have a little more coastal flair than our previous boring lamps. Even though we were super annoyed that both lamps broke, we ended up with cuter, cheaper, one-of-a-kind DIY lamps!

SONY DSC(Grrr, still trying to overlook the paint leakage…) 
SONY DSCHave you used sisal rope in a home decor project? How did you use it?

Have a great rest of the week!

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32 thoughts on “DIY Coastal Sisal Rope Lamp

    1. Thank you, Carrie!! Ah, good idea, I should definitely go back. Confession: I tried to use a tiny brush and white acrylic paint to cover up a few “messes” I made made on the bottom of the shade, and now it totally looks terrible when the light is on. GRR!! Oh well, the mess-ups will just be turned to the back. 😉 I like your idea of using blue paint to fix it, instead of white. I’ll try that! Thanks for stopping by today, friend!

      1. Thank you for that idea, Sharon! That’s genius! At least then the stripes would be straight and not bleeding through! 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  1. Love these Amanda! The distressing is perfect and the rope adds the perfect nautical feel! And honestly, I like the bleed through… sometimes, lines can look “too” perfect and these look like they should be that way. And I’m NOT just saying it 😉 Another fab. DIY!

    1. Aw thank you, friend! That makes me feel so much better!! Maybe I will leave it. Less work for me, too! 🙂 Hope you have a great day!!

  2. This is SO cute! I’m going to be moving later this year, and I’ve been trying to think of some ideas for items I can thrift and revamp instead of buying new. This would be perfect! I really like how the rope looks.

    Thanks for joining us for Hump Day Happenings!
    Jenna @ A Savory Feast recently posted…Blogger Love v.8My Profile

    1. Thanks, Jenna! This is a perfect cheap project to do instead of buying a new lamp! They can get SO spendy! Hope you have an awesome week. 🙂

  3. You may have had a power surge which burnt the lamps ele tical componets out. Hardware stores carry rewiring kits, which are quite easy to install. You just pull out the ild wire and i.sert the new one, plug and all. No electrition required. Then you can use them elseware since the ones you made are so ni e. Good luck,

    1. Thank you, Carol! We didn’t even think about that. I reeeeally wish we had kept those lamps, we ended up taking them to the GoodWill! But hopefully someone more skilled in lighting can fix them right up and enjoy them as we did! Thanks for the tip, it’s good to know for future reference! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Robbie! I didn’t do a bigger lamp just because our night stands aren’t very big, but I’d love to do a bigger one someday soon!

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