How to Make your own Hello/Goodbye Doormat

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Hello! Summer season is in full swing, along with backyard BBQ’s and parties. Today I’m sharing how to make your own hello/goodbye doormat, which is the perfect way to greet your guests as they arrive at your front door!

DIY "Hello/Goodbye" Doormat // Dwelling in Happiness

I spotted a super cute doormat awhile back on Pottery Barn, and was inspired to try my hand at making one, too.

It’s so easy to make your own! All you’ll need is:

DIY "Hello/Goodbye" Doormat // Dwelling in Happiness

(I’ve included links to everything you’ll need to make this mat so you don’t even have to run to the store!)

First, I eyeballed where the middle of the mat was and used what I had lying around in the garage that was straight to place in the middle (a copper pipe, but a yard stick or something else would work well, too!). That way, you can tell how big the words should be on either side. DIY "Hello/Goodbye" Doormat // Dwelling in HappinessI used my paint brush to very very faintly write “hello” in cursive. I had a wet paper towel right next to me just in case I needed to wipe it off quickly, but didn’t need it! If you don’t feel comfortable just free-handing, you could try writing it in chalk first and then painting over it.

DIY "Hello/Goodbye" Doormat // Dwelling in HappinessI then went back over my painted “hello” again with more paint to darken it.

DIY "Hello/Goodbye" Doormat // Dwelling in HappinessAfter finishing, I did the same on the other side with the word “goodbye.”

DIY "Hello/Goodbye" Doormat // Dwelling in HappinessAll done! Easy, right?!

I let it dry overnight, and then it was ready to set out on the front porch.

DIY "Hello/Goodbye" Doormat // Dwelling in HappinessIt’s so cute! You could also just print the words “hello” and “goodbye” instead of cursive, too.

DIY "Hello/Goodbye" Doormat // Dwelling in Happiness

DIY "Hello/Goodbye" Doormat // Dwelling in HappinessThis doormat lasts so long too, you could even touch the paint up each season! Just think of the money you’ll save, not having to buy a new doormat every year.

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9 thoughts on “How to Make your own Hello/Goodbye Doormat

  1. I love this mat! Next time I see a plain one I’m grabbing it! (And super cute shoes too!) xo

  2. Hands down for this beautiful idea Amanda. I have plain door mat, will just need to embed ‘Hello’ and “GoodBye”. I am planning to change Good Bye to See you Soon, how does it sound to you? Thanks so so much for this lovely idea. I will share the pics with you when i will be done. I would also like to invite you to write a guest post on my blog, it would really be a pleasure for me and for my readers.


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