DIY Gold Cake Plates

Main picIt’s FRIDAY, friends!! And, I’m just a little excited for the weekend, as we are throwing Jade’s 1st birthday party!! I’ve been so busy aaaaall week trying to make and finish up a bunch of little decorations, and it’s coming together beautifully! I’m also excited to share this super quick and easy project with you that will take you only an hour tops, and be the perfect addition to ANY party!

So, I’m not gonna lie, there may be some gold at this 1st birthday party. Or, maybe a lot. BUT, it’s going to be awesome! My mother-in-law is amazing and makes the most DELICIOUS. cupcakes. ever. She made 200+ for our wedding a few years ago, and I don’t think there were any left; and we only had under 100 guests! 05071110708The picture shows only half of them! But aren’t they gorgeous?! Anyway, these beautiful and delicious cupcakes of hers needed an equally beautiful place to perch until devoured. Sadly, I don’t have any cupcake stands or pretty plates, and nothing that really matched my color scheme. I didn’t want to buy a bunch of expensive cake plates either; so of course, I made my own!

I’ve seen a lot of pictures on Pinterest of  just gluing a candlestick and a plate together for a stand. So, off to the Dollar Store I went, and found 2 red square-ish plastic plates, and two glass candlesticks. I also went to the Goodwill and found a large charger and a taller candlestick, to make the plates more visually interesting when placed together. Only $7 for all the materials! (Minus the spray paint!)

SONY DSCTo make your own, here’s what you need:

1. 3 plates (any size, shape, material)

2. 3 candlesticks (I tried to find some that were flatter on top, and wide at the bottom)

3. Hot glue gun + glue sticks

4. Gold Metallic spray paint

5. Fine grit sand paper

First, use the sandpaper and just roughen up the top and bottom of each plate lightly, just so the spray paint will have something to stick to. Wipe down each plate with a wet towel and let dry. Then spray paint both sides of the plates allowing each side to dry first, and spray the candlesticks as well. SONY DSCOnce everything is dry, use a hot glue gun and put a line of glue around the top of the candlestick. You can also use any kind of super glue as well.

SONY DSCPosition the candlestick glue side down in the middle of the back of the plate, and press firmly for a few seconds.

SONY DSCYou’re done! Seriously the easiest little project ever, and the gold is just so pretty!

SONY DSCCAUTION: this spray paint is obviously NOT food safe, so DON’T put any food directly onto the plate. Use a doily or some sort of food-safe paper to put food on! The cupcakes will have wrappers so they will be fine.

SONY DSCI am SO excited to use these at Jade’s party! The cupcakes will look just PERFECT on them!

SONY DSCYou don’t have to use these for food, either. They’d look gorgeous on top of a dresser with jewelry, or in your kitchen with soap and lotion on top, or in your guest bathroom holding rolled up hand towels!

I can’t wait for this weekend, AND to share all the party details with you next week! Have a GREAT weekend!

What would you use these gold cake stands for?

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24 thoughts on “DIY Gold Cake Plates

  1. I am a gold spray paint addict! I am having Autumn’s birthday party in a few weeks and I may use this idea to display some of the foods. She is having a frozen themed party, so I may go with silver over gold… even tho, I heart everything gold… but, I think silver will go better with the icy theme! 🙂 Happy Halloween!
    Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom recently posted…Santa $1,000* Paypal Cash Giveaway!My Profile

    1. Ha, yay, I’m not the only one!! I’ve been gold paint obsessed lately! 🙂 A Frozen party sounds SO fun, and the silver would look so pretty! Can’t wait to see pictures. 🙂 Hope you had a fun Halloween!!

    1. Thank you, Lauren!! :)Agreed, the Dollar Tree rocks my socks for easy projects like this! These would look so fab holding Christmas cookies! 🙂 Hope you’re having a great day! 🙂

  2. Gold always enhance your hard work and it added some class also. I liked the idea paint your usual things with gold paint and make them extraordinary, I love this idea.

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