DIY Fall Paper Straw Wreath

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SONY DSCGood morning! I feel like the last person in Blogland to actually get a fall wreath made for my front door. Usually these sorts of things are done BEFORE the season is actually here, but I kind of failed on that one. And fall is definitely here, in all its glory. Just this last weekend it was sunny and 85 degrees; a few days later, it was 57 degrees and raining. Even I have to admit, seeing lots of leaves on the ground and all the pretty colors has me a little excited. I start thinking of all the holidays coming up, boots, scarves, flannel blankets, fireplaces, soup; ohhhh I could go on and on! I’m ready, so bring it on! But, I digress. Back to my fall wreath!

You didn’t actually think I’d make a wreath for fall and NOT use gold in it, did you? You’re going to be real sick of gold soon, if that’s even possible!

So, I saw a paper straw wreath on Pinterest not too long ago, and thought it looked SO neat. I wanted to make one too, so I got on Amazon and looked for straws. I came across these amazing birch tree straws and I just had to have them for my wreath! They were only $7 for a box of 144; a great deal.

The wreath itself isn’t hard, just a little time consuming. I managed to finish it in one day while my daughter took her naps.

SONY DSCHere’s what you need for one wreath:

I started out by using a couple of different sized bowls to trace circles on my cardboard. You can make it any size you want, depending on how big you want your wreath. I used an Xacto knife to cut it out. And it doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s going to be covered anyway!

Cardboard Ring ProcessBefore you start gluing straws, spray paint your leaves gold so they can dry while you glue.

Leaves CollageThen, start taking straws one-by-one and gluing them to the cardboard ring all the way to the inner edge, leaving a little bit of space in between each straw so you can glue more later. It took 37 straws to do the whole ring.


SONY DSCTake 37 more straws and cut about an inch off of each one. Now, you could get really crazy and measure each one, but I’m not that crazy nor do I have the time. So, I just laid straws out flat and used a ruler and a pen to mark a few across so I had an idea of where an inch was, and then just cut the tops off in bunches. It really doesn’t have to be perfect, no one is going to come measure each straw to make sure they are all the same. And if they do, they might just have a slight OCD problem and you probably shouldn’t let them in your house. 🙂

SONY DSCNow, hot glue the shorter straws to the cardboard between the full length straws all the way around. Don’t worry about the glue stringys, they’ll be covered up by the leaves!


SONY DSCThe last part is the most tedious. I forgot to count how many straws it took, but I assume 37ish more. You can also leave your wreath as is if you want it less full, but I wanted more of the straws to show so I cut straws in half and glued them in-between each straw like in the picture. Again, don’t measure, just eyeball where half is and cut!

flat closeup collageSome didn’t fit well so I just flattened one end, and put glue on either side to stick in between straws. This will NOT look pretty with glue all over, but I promise you won’t see it by the end once you glue the leaves on top. Go all the way around, making sure the short straws are glued between the other straws well (they won’t be on the cardboard, so you want to make sure they stay!).


SONY DSCAfter they are all glued and if you haven’t burned your fingers off yet, it’s time to glue the gold leaves on. I glued the first layer on and overlapped them a bit, making sure to put them high enough that they cover any dried glue from the straws.

SONY DSCI did the same with the second layer, overlapping each leaf and making sure to glue them in a little bit from the center to hide the edges of the straws.

SONY DSCI used a teal wired ribbon that I tied into a bow, and glued on the back of the cardboard.

SONY DSCWoohoo! A pretty and unique fall wreath to (finally) dress my front door with! Because it’s pretty dry here where I live, I’m able to hang it outside. Our porch is also covered so it doesn’t get wet. If yours does, you can always put it on an inside wall over a mantel to liven up your fall decor!

SONY DSCI really like how the gold leaves pop against the straws, and the contrast of the teal ribbon.

SONY DSCHave a fabulous Saturday, friends!

Do you have your fall wreath up yet?

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28 thoughts on “DIY Fall Paper Straw Wreath

    1. Thank you so much, Ashley! I had no idea either, they’re such awesome straws! They even have bamboo ones! Thanks for visiting, I’ll check out the DIY’ers! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Erica! Ha, yay, I’m totally not alone! It’s so hard for me to get into the spirit of the holidays early like other bloggers do. I already see Christmas stuff!! I can’t even THINK about Christmas until at least after Thanksgiving. Looking forward to seeing your wreath! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Brenda!! I so appreciate the pin and share! Aren’t those straws great? They totally screamed to make something fall-ish out of them! Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  1. Dear Amanda,
    Thank you so much for this post! I was searching for an autumn project to do with my nine year old and this fit the bill perfectly. We had so much fun making it. =) Really love your blog and the helpful tutorials. I posted the wreath we made using your tutorial on my blog at I would be honored if you dropped by for a visit.
    Blessings and Sunshine,

    1. Valerie, you are SO so sweet!! Thank you so much for the kind words! I’m so happy you had fun making the wreath. I checked it out and it looks so wonderful! You and your daughter did a great job! 🙂 SO glad you stopped by and said hello!

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